4. Achievements of the Foundation

The foundation began its operation in the year 2000 with only eight expectant mothers. Within nine years it has successfully trained over 2000 mothers and fathers through its bi-weekly classes. Clients have consistently attended classes, travelling from different parts of Accra as well as from outside the Accra area.  Most of the clients who have passed through our training program testify at every available opportunity to how positively their lives have been affected by the training and education they received. Their testimonies have greatly encouraged other clients to attend thus increasing the number of participants at every session. The midwives and obstetricians at the maternity and labour wards have also praised the work of Eve’s, as they have seen the impact it has made on women’s health. Upon admittance to the maternity ward, Eve’s students are more prepared both physically and psychologically than non-students, and their high level of co-operation during the labour process makes work easier for hospital staff, and the labour process more enjoyable for them.  Midwives further attest that complications of childbirth have reduced with Eve’s-trained mothers, and that the babies of such mothers are healthy at birth and do not often get sick in early childhood.


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