6. Needs of the Foundation

Eve’s Foundation currently has no source of funding.  Since its inception Eve’s founder and executive director, Florence Okra, has funded all of the work from her own salary as a public health nurse/midwife.  The following items would help make the Foundation’s work more sustainable. 

 Full-time salaries for Eve’s Foundation staff.

 Office accommodation with kitchen, rest room and conference room to hold classes. 

 Office equipment   /Financial assistance to air our pregnancy school on television.

a.   Computer

b.   Printer / Scanner

c.   USB Pen Drive

d.   DVD cd RW-Drive

e.   Photocopier

f.    Furniture

g.   Telephone

h.   Refrigerator

i.    General office supplies

 Teaching Aids/Materials

a.    Books, magazines, Journals, Pamphlets, Posters, Audiovisuals related to reproductive health.

b.   Television with DVD/VCR

c.    Tape Recorder

d.  Digital Camera

e.   Dolls for breastfeeding (models)

f.   Anatomical models of the uterus, pelvic bone, placenta, breast, etc.

g.   Video Camera

h.   Projector

 Vehicle for the transportation of supplies and staff. 

 Financial assistance for the Executive Director and staff’s continuing education. 

 Financial/material support for the official launch of Eve’s Foundation.

 Financial assistance for the day-to-day running of Eve’s Foundation.


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